Zoos continue to join Pole to Pole unabatedly

The past two weeks the following zoos and institutions registered for participating in the Pole to Pole Campaign:

  • Novosibirsk zoo (Russia)
  • Zoo Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • Lisbon Zoo (Portugal)
  • Paignton Zoo Environmental Park (United Kingdom)
  • Knuthenborg Safaripark (Denmark)
  • Blackpool Zoo (United Kingdom)
  • Decin Zoo (Czech Republic)
  • Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes (France)
  • The Living Rainforest (United Kingdom)
  • Zoomarine (Italy)
  • Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo (United Kingdom)
  • Zoo Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Dartmoor Zoological Park (United Kingdom)
  • Union of Czech and Slovak Zoos (Czech Republic)
  • West Midland Safari Park (United Kingdom)
  • IRIS – Publishing and Printing Ltd.(Slovakia)

If you would like to join the campaign and/or register your pledge to unplug electronic devices, please go to the campaign website. For a list of all participating institutions please click here