The leading zoos and aquariums of Europe, through the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) will together with Arctic Action Teams (AAT) and other partners raise awareness and stimulate behaviour change for the conservation of the biodiversity of the two Poles.

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It is time to act

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Pull the Plug Progress

9394electronic devices

Together we save 282352 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

This equals:

  • Co2 emissions of 209.126 pounds of coal burned
  • Co2 emissions of 21.908 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • Carbon sequestered by 160 acres of forest in one year

What we want to do

  • Secure the participation of as many zoos and aquariums in as many countries as possible
  • Affect positive behaviour change amongst: zoos, schools and zoo visitors
  • Run as near a carbon-neutral campaign as possible
  • Present a petition calling on world leaders to reduce CO2 emissions to below 350 ppm

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How you can help

logo-pledge-300Helping is easy, all we ask is that you pledge to unplug one or more of your electronic devices when they are not in use. This means pulling out the plug once your mobile phone or tablet has finished charging, switching your TV or games console off at the wall rather than leaving it on standby. Together these small changes to our behaviour can have a big impact in minimising wasted electricity and help cut down the carbon emissions contributing to climate change. Don’t delay – pledge to pull the plug today!

There are numerous other ways in which you can help reducing carbon emissions, click here for inspiration!

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Campaign news


International Polar Bear today: Kick-off Pole to Pole Campaign petition drive!! #PoletoPole #Climatechange #Arctic

We need your help with collecting as many signatures as possible to present at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting in Paris in December this year. By signing the ‘2 degrees is the limit’ petition we demand the commitment of our national governments and the European Union TO SUPPORT ALL MEASURES WHICH […]

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Free the Bears Fund hosts Pole to Pole Campaign event in Cambodia #PoletoPole #Climatechange #Pulltheplug

The aim of Free the Bears Fund in Cambodia is to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world. It’s therefore no wonder Free the Bears Fund decided to join the EAZA Pole to Pole Campaign last year. Teaching kids in Cambodia, a country where temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees celcius […]


Klimakampagnen at Copenhagen Zoo #PoletoPole #IPCC #Climatechange

The past months Copenhagen Zoo embarked on several Pole to Pole campaign activities. Copenhagen Zoo titled the campaign ‘Klimakampagnen’ (which literally means Climate Campaign). A campaign logo with a green paw was designed. When the zoo visitor sees the logo they know that it has something to do with the climate campaign or with the […]